Mankind cannot be convinced of truth. You either see it, or you don’t!

History shows that humanity is unable to learn from its fluctuations. Technological advance disguises repetition, letting the cycle, which is exemplified perfectly by war and peace, persist unabated.

To avert an encroaching catastrophe, some think they can correct problems by tinkering and tweaking aspects of our civilization. Most have to believe in what is gratuitously called ‘human nature’, a construct asserting that people will somehow invent their way out of any predicament. Yet reasonable people should be able to resolve challenging problems like overpopulation and much more. The irresolvable problem lies in who humans fundamentally are.

The solution will forever elude the majority, because in part, it has to do with rejection of all their values. We see life for its own sake, divorced from any spiritual goal, not worth living. Belonging to THE POWER, means accepting that to get to the truth, one has to be honest, even if in doing so, human nature itself is transcended!

Pulled forward by our destiny, we have a working relationship with the future. Our directions are to build a powerful organization, which will evolve new ways, aided by clairvoyance, to survive coming calamities and make a critical difference in the fight for human evolution.

THE POWER is not a religion based on dogma. On the contrary, we take being incredulous all the way, raising thinking for yourself to a status of prayer!

Paradoxically, when people value truth over belonging, weighing out every issue by taking into account as much as possible in relation to it, they become part of a community which sees moral relativity exposed for what it is, bankrupt.

The phenomenon of thinking outside of social perimeters, yet producing identical results concerning the most pressing issues facing humankind, allows THE POWER to elevate good intent, forever mired in tactical and isolated actions to a strategic thrust, by creating a team.

When we consider everything in relation to everything else, that we are aware of, without blocking any resulting realizations, we experience omniscient knowing, a sense of seeing everything at once. The connection to all the mystery in the world wrenches us out of most conventions imposed by the predominant social order. THE POWER is a living, breathing platform on which our community stands, for no one stands alone.

As much as society celebrates individuality, most citizens are reduced to the two dimensions of a fingerprint, convinced that the uniqueness of the pattern stands for free thought. No matter how hard people are pretending to be blind, they are picking up through gut feeling that we are at the end of this civilization. As a result, people are scared out of their wits. Their automatic reaction is to feverishly continue collecting things, friends and influence, as though it is a nervous tick.

Should we stand idle and let the common denominator endlessly dictate who we are and what should our proper response to the outrage all around us be?

THE POWER is a religion of urgency. The ice is melting!

Truth speaks for itself, it just has to be uttered.

People, who work hard at figuring out what ‘good’ is, know that there is no choice but to be good. We do not convince, or convert. If you are destined to be one of us, the only moral choice you will be left with is to take steps in our direction.